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Mercé Culp is a 4-dimensional artist. Her work includes street art, dance, fashion, graphic design, and video. Urban Digitz is the body of work she consistently builds pushing her anthology of work into the world of fashion. Mercé has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 3D digital character modeling and alternative digital print from Bowling Green State University. She is currently pursuing several fashion-based exhibitions with her semi-luxe apparel line, MFINITY FASHION. As Mercé creates and designs custom wearable canvases, she remains active in making public art, teaching youth arts programs, live festival performances, and experimental projects.




Urban Digitz keeps pushing street art aesthetics while continuously pulling more processes and materials together to render portraits and present themes. All work created is now being pushed into the fashion industry via textiles and wearable sculptures. This is my desired output for art since the age of nine. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, “Saved By the Bell” and Punky Brewster, tv shows inspired my love for neon colors and eclectic style. Today, I still hold onto that style as a fashionista, allowing it to spill onto even the human canvas. My approach to all things art has undeniably influenced the way I think of fashion. The output of art becoming a person and a person becoming art struck a chord long ago. After many experiments my art has taken a wearable form by what I call, MFINITY FASHION, a luxury fashion, artist brand. An infinite display of patterns and artwork that provoke alternative color choices and provide common and not-so-common palettes with interesting designs you can wear.

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